What Are the Causes of Happiness?

Ups and downs are part of life, and nothing is permanent except perhaps change itself. Similarly, happiness and sadness, neither of them are permanent. No matter how many challenges we face on a daily basis and struggle to survive difficult times, the hope that everything will get better sooner or later is always there.

Clearly, all of us, regardless of our age, gender, or race are somehow striving to attain happiness in our own ways. Some find happiness in love, some find it in materialistic things, some in the number of awards they have achieved and some simply in the number of faces they have been light with a smile. Everybody has their own definition of happiness. Even so, there are quite a few universal causes of happiness which I would like to highlight through this article. Happy reading!


Success is not only about financial success; it is actually about being able to set goals and achieve them. If you have passed your exam with flying colors, or you have successfully lost 10 pounds in 1 month, or your boss has announced that you are getting a bonus, all these achievements are going to make you happy. Thus, if you want to experience the delight and happiness by achieving success, then you should set realistic goals more often and strive to attain them. Mostly, it is the journey towards the goal that keeps one content. Remember that success and happiness are interlinked. Success makes people happier and it is often the happy people who are more likely to become successful.

Family and Friends

According to Daniel Gilbert, a Harvard happiness expert, spending quality time with family and friends causes true happiness., and all other things that make us happy are in reality a means of getting to  spend more time with family and friends. Thus, having a warm conversation at the dinner table, playing a board game or Uno cards with family, or just visiting a park nearby for a walk with them, can really cheer us up. Furthermore, bringing smiles on the faces of our family members and friends also instill the feeling of joy in us, this is why, we love to arrange birthday parties for our best friends and strive harder to make our parents proud at many stages of our lives.

Food and Exercise

Yes, food, a group of several essential chemical compounds that pleases our taste buds, satiates our craving, and eventually reacts with our brain cells to stimulate happy hormones, is one of the main causes of happiness. This is why various nutrition and diet experts allow their clients to go for a cheat diet at least once a week. Fatty foods such as fries, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, burger, and many more do have a positive psychological effect on us but only if they are taken in moderate quantity. Besides, we are encouraged to eat several fresh fruits and vegetables which consist of phytochemicals, antioxidants, and tryptophan that boost serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, and other hormones which fights depression and elevate our mood. These neurotransmitters are also released in greater amounts when we exercise. Also, working out daily keeps you in a good shape which further enhances your confidence and self-esteem.

Religion and spirituality

A research study from 2009 reveals that having a purpose of life which is granted by spirituality greatly enhances the feeling of happiness and contentment. Also, all religions in the world teach humanity, promotes forgiveness, meditation, charity, and helping others. These things in turn boost self-esteem and the feeling of empowerment, grant inner peace, give a sense of belonging, and make one more grateful. Collectively, all these feelings contribute to a happier mood.


Yes, there could be a variety of things which cause happiness but the foremost thing which will make you a happy-go-lucky dude is yourself. Happiness actually comes from within and you are the sole person in charge of how you choose to feel. Not only accept yourself but also love yourself unconditionally; be more optimistic, and never ever underestimate yourself. Do more of the things that make you happy within the confines of legal system. Also, thinking about all the blessings you have and seeing things with the perspective of glass half-full rather than half-empty is what will keep you alive and delightful from within. After all gratitude is the key to happiness.



Social Emotional Tools for Life

It’s never too late to improve your lifestyle. While a change in lifestyle is often regarded in terms of health and fitness, it is also used to improve several other aspects. Emotional stability is one of these aspects that is often the most impacted through an improved lifestyle. If you’ve actually sat back and reflected over the years of your existence, there’s always going to be something that will keep you from moving ahead. One of the most important things that should be changed is the point of socializing. No, you shouldn’t stop socializing, it’s actually a very healthy attribute and leads to a stable lifestyle but rather see how you’re doing it. You can begin with Social Emotional Tools for Life that will help you in the present as well as the future.

Social Emotional Tools for Life

Self-improvement is not only about diet – it starts with a change in behavior, attitude and also interaction. Here are some social emotional tools that will greatly impact your life.

Shut Down Social Networks

Look around you, you’re living in a world with limited to no in-person interaction with other human beings. Socializing has turned into an action only done in the digital world, and in the real world, people do not spend as much time with each other as they used to. Shut down your social networks and take advantage of the time you have. Go out and use the tool of interaction to make friends and hang out. Trying to understand someone outside of the digitalized bubble will change your perspective of life.


Once you start to interact with people, this is something that will prove to be the most effective amongst other social emotional tools for life. Observation isn’t directed only towards the surroundings but instead to yourself as well. Try to observe your emotions and your emotional responses to certain things. It helps to keep track and better your behavior.

Notice Your Physical Self

While noticing your emotional responses would improve your behavior, noticing how you act in front of certain people will help you gain confidence and socialize much better. Try to pay attention to other people as well as how your body is responding to them and try to overcome it. For example, when near an authority figure, you tend to unconsciously become more rigid. Once you work on that, you can gain confidence in improving yourself and making others feel comfortable as well.


Your curiosity for life tends to play a large part in improving yourself. This curiosity can also be infectious and you may find others following in your footsteps. But curiosity is also about getting to know yourself and your behavior in terms of people.

You can even keep a journal to track your progress and remember to not give up. These tools will help you grow and become successful in several areas of life. Remember, it’s never too late to start fresh, you just need to find the motivation for change.

6 Phase Meditation

You must’ve often come across a lot of advices on how to keep up a proper routine to attain excellent health. The best advice you could receive is to keep up a proper meditation routine, however, that’s a little difficult to do since you don’t always tend to get the results usually mentioned. The best way to ensure you reap the perfect rewards is by following a 6 phase meditation routine. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take so long and it’s actually quite simple to follow.


There’s a pre-conceived notion that meditation always refers to yoga but that’s not always true. Even simple breathing exercises could be regarded to as being a type of meditation. It basically revolves around doing things that bring you peace. That’s why the best way to get yourself into the routine is to follow the following 6 phase meditation routine, they’re quite basic and will leave you feeling elevated and fresh in no time!

Phase 1: Connection

This phase is dependent on how well you can work your imagination to connect with your inner self. Start by picturing a white light and picture it spread through your whole body. This phase focuses on your consciousness and fills your body with love and peace.

Phase 2: Gratitude

This is the most important activity you can carry out. Start by listing down 5-10 things you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small. These things should include all the five sensations in your body and you should be able to recall how you felt at the time. This balances your emotions and brings a sense of positivity throughout the day.

Phase 3: Forgiveness

It’s no questioning how holding grudges against someone can be extremely stressful. That’s why you need to add this to your daily routine and get a sense of peace from letting it all go. You start by picturing the person you had conflicts with and then apologize to them about everything. Also try to forgive all the wrongs that they have done to you. This will instill the sense of forgiveness and make you a bigger and better person as well.

Phase 4: Visuals

This phase requires you to picturing your future. See how you want your future to turn out and make sure you incorporate all the five senses into it.

Phase 5: Intentions

Visualize the present. The positive energy revolving around the present and make sure you make is as vivid as you possibly can. Feel all the emotions and then picture yourself ending the day with a good night’s sleep.

Phase 6: Blessing

Even if you’re not pious, try to call onto anyone you feel above you ask for blessings to come your way. This makes you feel support and comfort of having someone there throughout the day.

This meditation routine is known to work wonders and you should really consider giving it a try. Carry them out early in the morning so you feel rejuvenated and fresh throughout the day.