Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

There are some things in your daily life that often prove to be quite taxing, and taking care of them can be pretty difficult. That’s why, every day, people make use of their creative thinking to craft simple solutions that prevent the minor things from becoming troublesome. Here are a few life hacks that will change your life:

1. Cards in your wallet

While your wallet can be used to place your money and cards, here’s something that will prove to help you immensely if you ever happen to face an emergency.

Make a small card that is big enough to fit into an available slot. On that card write your contact details, emergency contact details as well as your blood type. Place this card in a position which would immediately catch a person’s attention. So, If you’re ever faced with an emergency where you either lose your wallet or you’re somehow injured, then the person who finds the wallet will have no problem in knowing your details.

2. Prevent getting your things stolen this way!

If you ever have a trip, especially to the beach, there’s never a safe place to keep your stuff. While your pocket might work, there are more chances of you losing your valuables this way than them getting stolen.

But you no longer have to worry about that because now you can use your lotion bottle as a safety capsule! No, don’t use a filled bottle! Rather an empty and properly cleaned one.

All you have to do is place your valuables in it and you can have people thinking it’s just an ordinary lotion! You can enjoy your trip at the beach and come back with all your things safely at hand. Unless someone wants your lotion, well, there’s really nothing that can be done then.

3. Light the candle

Candles are the perfect way to start your ultimate relaxation day or when you come home to a power outage and all you have are those little cup candles. Well the last thing you’d need then is getting your fingers burned in the process!

Well, simply use a spaghetti stick as a wick! Who knew spaghetti would be useful in more than one ways, huh?

4. Cereal containers for trash

Don’t you just wish you had trash cans for your car? Well you can have them now! In a desperate attempt to keep the car clean, some genius hustler turned a simple cereal container into a tiny trash can. And that’s what we’re going to do too!

Don’t forget to put a plastic bag over it to make it easier to clean up. Having a small trash can be a blessing when you’re on the road, and just need to throw that tissue or chewing gum. It’ll also prevent you from littering the car. So basically, it’s a win-win for everybody!


Try out these lifehacks that will change your life! They’re easy, practical and very innovative ways to turn everyday household objects into things that will greatly simplify your life. Oh, and next time you use an everyday object, don’t forget to look into other ways you can benefit from them!


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